The justification for the intervention of the Palace regime to Libia was the establishment of balance and peace in Libia. The Government of National Reconciliation (a predominantly Muslim Brotherhood government), which is tucked into a narrow area, with Turkey’s military operation broke the siege and seized several strategic goals. In other words, it is true to a certain extent that “balance is achieved”, but it is obvious that this does not aim at “ensuring peace”. It seems that, due to this military intervention, which is vital to the future of the Palace regime, the Libyan war has entered a complex process that is not yet clear how long.

What Soros said…

Famous speculator George Soros, once said that “Turkey’s top export commodity is its army”. After the failure of Turkey’s regional hegemony and the Muslim Brotherhood’s chain dreams and the Egyptian and Syrian policies, the Turkish government passed to a new policy. For these reasons, the Turkish government has begun increasingly direct violence outside as well as inside. The best tool at hand for such foreign policy was the army, as Soros commanded.

Balance, blackmail, hammer, and nails!

The world’s situation, economic crisis, and international power relations help the rulers of Turkey to play a balanced game as Ottoman Empire Abdülhamid. During this period, “blackmail” turned into a foreign policy tool. Turkey’s government began to use “the military” first! Turkey, increasingly “browsing with a hammer in his hand” and therefore “sees everything as a nail” 

An important point to be addressed here is the regime’s danger of putting the country in the process of long conflicts, tensions, and even wars. It can be said that such a thing is only possible by consuming all the resources of the country until the end and taking everything into the hands of the people, which will be madness. Those in power also know that this situation cannot be sustained “forever”. However, they can think to find another path: For example, by covering the economic resources of the captured regions or by seizing them, at least to cover the costs of war, and even to make a profit with construction, oil, and other economic activities!

In addition, it is possible at least “theoretically” that warrior methods provide a new “energy” through alliances with imperialism and “using the army as an export product (Soros).

It is also possible for a regional policy that has lost its strategic dimension, based on instant decisions and compulsory pragmatic moves, to create its own opportunities and dynamics and gain a strategic quality if it can be sustained persistently. The regime’s regional foreign policy seems to have entered this path. The resistance of the government to the survivors creates new “chances”, temporary or permanent alliance opportunities; of course on the condition of paying the price inside and outside!

Everything is mutual!

However, this area, which provides power to relatively wide maneuvering opportunities, for now, has some limits. First of all, other forces are in motion in the region and some of them are strong enough to make critical interventions to the problem. For this reason, it is not possible to reach some goals without collaborating with them.

This also means being included in their “games”. Indeed, the Palace regime’s policy of using others’ gaps and weaknesses also leads to the use of its own gaps and weaknesses. For this reason, the regime’s outwardly blackmail policy makes itself open to blackmail in the most congested moments. 

Moreover, Turkey has very serious economic difficulties and needs major outsourcing. This fact has recently caused the warming of relations and alliance with the ancient and strategic imperialist friend the USA, with the effect of reaching the borders of the alliance with Russia. With the developments in Syria and Libya, imperialism’s political and military control over Turkey will also increase.

In the name of humanity!

Turkey intervened in Libya (as well as Syria), for economic, political, and military objectives not humanitarian. The goal is to influence and hegemony in the regional plan. This is an attempt to revive a previously bankrupt foreign policy, this time directly by force (using armed Islamists). In the same period, it is aimed to be effective again in some countries, especially in Egypt, possibly using the Muslim Brotherhood. Alliances established on the basis of the drilling operations in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, regional tensions, and Turkey’s maritime border agreement with the “Sarraj government,” shows that the problem is not limited to Libya, but Libya is an important pillar of this problem.

There are other important reasons beyond “Libyan oil” that Arab countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and countries like Russia, USA, France, and Italy are included in the subject. All the forces that interfere with the region determine their attitudes in line with their mutual or conflicting interests. So everyone is there for their “national interests”! However, considering that all these “national interests” are determined by the material interests of the capitalists of those countries, it is seen that the interventions towards Libya are not related to the interests of the workers of those countries or the Libyan workers.

The pathetic Libyan landscape that emerged after the corrupt Gaddafi dictatorship is known by all of us. The politics and interventions of the imperialist powers and the “governments” and “warlords” supported by them brought heavy destruction and fragmentation to Libya, not democracy and freedom. If it is going to be a step forward historically, there is no solution other than the reconstruction of the Libyan nation under the leadership of Libyan laborers who have expelled all foreign powers from the country.


11 July 2020

In Libya, “unknown aircraft” fighter jets bombed the “Vatiyye Air Base” which has strategic importance. It closely concerns Turkey. Turkey wants this military base which was controlled some time ago. (In addition, in Sirte, the pursuit of establishing a naval base within the strategy of the “Blue Homeland” Wants to increase sovereignty at seas.) Although the rumor about the perpetrator is varied, the main suspect is the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Turkey, giving direct military support to the Government of National Reconciliation in Tripoli (UMH) and want this military base in return. But no matter who made the bombardment, it is a serious warning to Turkey. According to reports, Turkey’s defense systems were destroyed. The fact that the attack occurred immediately after the visits of Minister of National Defense Akar and Chief of General Staff General Güler to Libya and it increases the meaning and importance of the event.

“Hyperactive” foreign policy!

As it is known, because of “hyperactive” policies, Turkey has won many enemies. From allies from imperialist NATO as France to other “hyperactive” countries like the UAE and Saudis…There in Egypt in the same alliance. 

After the seizure of the Vatiyye base, with Turkey’s active military support, UMH powers turned to Sirte -Cufr line in the least important in terms of petroleum in this region. The Egyptian President explained that this region is their “red lines” and “the Egyptian army could perform a military duty outside the country if needed”.

This was a direct message to Turkey. That animosity between Turkey and Egypt exceeded the limits of Rabia Square. Turkey’s intervention in the internal politics of Egypt in the past and the Muslim Brothers’ attitude of today may lead to unexpected results in Libya. Because the Egyptian regime sees Turkey’s support to Libyan Muslim Brothers as a major threat.

The direct danger of war or Nothing happens?

Looking at the direct or indirect activities of the other countries involved, the sinister role of imperialism, the work of the “non-state” armed forces carried to Libya, the regional conflicts of interest, the internal political needs of some of the intervening states, we can’t say that “nothing happens!” Here we are talking about a war that can take place in Libyan territory between countries.

If Turkey’s (with UHM), obtains permanent bases in Libya and controls some of the oil regions a war possibility increases. The only condition that might prevent this, is to receive the support of a great state and also to do business for the name of that state. A Syrian-type workaround based on reconciliation with the Russians seems to be difficult, as there is already much more intervention power.

If the Vatiyye base is given to Turkey, everyone knows that Turkey will not leave again. 

The goal of Erdogan and its partners is to make Vatiyye and the sea base in Sirte (and similar places) regimes castles under “Blue Homeland”. The fact that such places will become a life and death issue for the regime. The rulers of Turkey began to plunge into the swamps. 

It’s a troublesome way and emulating Iran!

Rulers of Turkey, accompanied by a sense of competition, emulate Iran! Yes, this is in some ways an Iranian foreign policy. The “Shia militia” policy, which Iran stands behind with all its state power and is managed by special military organizations such as the Jerusalem Force, has been trying to be implemented by the Turkish Palace regime through the Sunni militias, which is organized under the control of the Turkish Armed Forces in Syria. (Some of these have been moved to Libya.) However, it should not be forgotten that these are also “bombs” that can explode in “novice” hands!

As Iran’s Shiite policy and political influence over Shiite elements, Turkey is a government policy supporting Muslim Brother governments and other political forces. This is an important reason for the palace to refer to sectarian discourses from time to time. Muslim Brothers’ policy (Ihvan) is not as powerful as before but still useful. Turkey’s maybe “breaking game” but have a chance for “game breaking.” Muslim brothers are not only regionally but also as an internal problem and danger for Saudis, UAE, and Egypt.

Wars are costly jobs; Although military power is always kept on the one hand as an open or implicit threat tool, “rising powers” carry out most of their business primarily through economic, financial, political, and ideological-cultural means, military power is a complementary element of them. Without such a combination, let alone being an imperialist, even a “playmaker” regional power cannot be!

Do we become imperialists?

Imperialism is primarily a work of a strong financial capital (financial capital) that is highly concentrated and centralized, unable to fit within the borders of the country. “Spread” abroad is one of the results of this. Land and air bases, military interventions, and their sustainability, established in an overseas territory, require such an infrastructure in “normal” conditions. In terms of these conditions, the situation in Turkey is not suitable for an imperialist.

The unbalanced foreign policy line, which can be sustained thanks to the balance and gaps between the great powers until today, has gradually started to require the protection and shadow of one of the great powers. That is why the tendency towards rapprochement with NATO and the USA has accelerated.

As a result, “a rising power” role, A “sub-imperialist” (a kind of sub-contractors!) role will fall to Turkey, in the shadow of great imperialist power. It is not possible to maintain the balance and blackmail policy based on using forces against each other forever.

Nationalism, militarism, new allies, and beyond ..!

The government tries to ban its foreign policy, which has made excessively dependent on its internal policy, on the grounds of “national interests and state secrets”. This attitude is accompanied by a mandatory militarization process. This nationalism, carried out under religious-conquest images, brings new allies to Erdogan, while at the same time enabling the regime to passivate a significant part of the opposition.

The military operations in a foreign land and such militarization is very heavy for Turkey. But Erdogan regime has to continue because the main purpose is to sustain this autocratic regime.

As an auto-financing method…

The inevitable result of the method that the regime is trying has costs and needs its own financing (auto-financing!). It needs the looting of other countries and people. However, the sharing of wars involving a large number of countries do not provide such an opportunity to all the fighting forces. All this shows that the cost of wars is paid by poor laborers of the countries, even if the masters win or lose.

In Libya, the libertarian popular movement was stopped by a NATO-based operation before it turned into a revolution. The country has been disguised as an opponent and has been surrendered to the bourgeois forces. Imperialist collaborators, rulers of the Gaddafi era, again ministers of the Gaddafi era, high-ranking officers, tribal forces that have changed sides, warlords, and Salafist Islamist gangs have led the country into complete chaos.

For liberation for Libya, including Turkey, all foreign “friends ” just left the country. Libyan workers must take the future of their country on the basis of their self-organization. It can be said that such an alternative is unrealistic because the Libyan workers, who were oppressed in both periods, lacked an independent organization and revolutionary political leadership. However, despite all the difficulties, this is the only realistic solution for Libya. We are of course aware of historical-social problems, difficulties, objective and subjective obstacles, boundaries. The wave of Arab revolutions has already revealed the current limits. However, Sudan, Lebanon, and similar examples show that a new revolutionary wave may rise in the region, which will also affect Libyan workers.