The Great Al-Aqsa Flood, Gaza and the Sun Tzu

The Great Al-Aqsa Flood, Gaza and the Sun Tzu

By Bissan Edwan

Sun Tzu confirmed through his book: “The Art of War” that some of the impossible things are to predict the fate of the battle and anticipate what events may occur during it. Or any surprises that may appear therein; This necessarily calls on the commander to adopt flexible war strategies and plans.”

In the early hours of October 7, 2023, in a small part of the world and in the Middle East called Gaza, the surprise was launched by the first attack by a few Palestinian fighters on the Israeli occupation state, the first of its kind since the Nakba of 1948 and the defeat of the Arab armies before the Zionist gangs.

There is a huge time difference between yesterday and today, the same difference that made the Palestinian resistance wage war on the Israeli army considered one of the five largest armies in the world and the most powerful and well-equipped. Rather, the resistance forces have the initiative to fire the first shot, and even launch an attack on an area 40 kilometers deep into occupied Palestine, and even occupy settlements and Israeli army camps, including the headquarters of the Gaza Division, and capture many Israeli soldiers, and kill hundreds and wound thousands of settlers.

Over the course of two consecutive days, the Palestinian resistance, led by the Al-Qassam Brigades, continued to control the battlefield, and continues to attack inside the settlements adjacent to the Gaza Strip and tighten its control over the depth that it controlled on the first day, 40 km east of the Gaza Strip. Rather, it continues to advance until it reaches the southern entrance to the city of Hebron in the West Bank. Western. In addition to the ongoing battles and the barrage of missiles that it fires at large cities in the occupied interior, such as the city of Ashkelon, the city of Sderot, and the city of Tel Aviv, proving the extent of the weakness and flaccidity of the occupation army, not only at the level of intelligence capabilities but also at the level of leadership capabilities and assessment of the situation.

It is clear that there are strategic changes in the Palestinian resistance, especially in the Al-Qassam Brigades, and that over the years it has been developing its mechanisms, equipment and military plans, and within two full years the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip suggested to all regional and international parties that it had been domesticated, especially after an agreement was reached stipulating an increase in Work permits, the introduction of items of goods, and the extension of national aid. Calm prevailed, and criticism of the Hamas movement poured in. No one expected that this calm would be followed by a flood of war sparked by the resistance, which is still controlling its course.

It is difficult to predict the results of the war, but the Palestinian resistance has many surprises. In his speech, Commander Muhammad Al-Deif freed the Palestinian genie not only in the Gaza Strip, but also in the West Bank, in the occupied interior, and abroad. These are not propaganda messages, as he could have left them to the spokesman. The media figure for the Al-Qassam Brigades, as is known, but there are messages on it that are now reaching not the resistance factions as organized groups, but rather every Palestinian individual, inside or outside. But for all free people in the world.

Everyone knows that there is no ongoing war. Every war is followed by sitting at a round table to begin the negotiation process. It was clear from the beginning that the Qassams sought to obtain the largest number of Israeli prisoners, possess larger areas of land, and evacuate them of settlers. This solid, practical goal was set by Operation Al-Aqsa Flood from day one, in addition to its defence of Jerusalem, which gives it legitimacy and overwhelming support among large sectors of the Palestinian people. Accordingly, the war imposes its results, and the first of these results is that the resistance is the official spokesman for the Palestinian people and that the Hamas movement is the only Palestinian party in the Arab-Palestinian conflict.

Hours after the start of the war tell us of the failure and confusion of the Israeli leadership, its announcement of general mobilisation in its broad sense, and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s declaration of war in its comprehensive sense, and this means developments that go beyond any previous battle or operation, in addition to an explicit acknowledgement that the Palestinian resistance is not terrorist groups, but rather a state facing a state. That is, this adds to the balance of the Palestinian resistance, the only party that can represent the Palestinian people.

But it can be asserted that any concession from the Palestinian resistance will not be easy. The regional parties must be aware of this matter, and that it is difficult for international or regional parties to work to liquidate the resistance that is waging its current main battle, just as the continuation of security coordination with the old Palestinian Authority in Ram God is no longer useful. It will be difficult to pass Arab-Israeli normalization.

Before the Al-Aqsa Flood is not the same as after it, and this war will leave its mark not only on Palestine but on the region. The Palestinians will remain the difficult number and the only obstacle to changes in the Middle East region, no matter how the major powers try to draw a new map and a new Middle East. The coming hours will be enough to give Washington answers.

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