The major changes After responding to the setback of 1967

The major changes After responding to the setback of 1967

By AL-Hareth Taha

How did he do it and why was the response delayed to the 1967 defeat?

There is an ideology present within the Palestinian resistance, the Al-Qassam Brigades, that is completely different from the orientations of the other factions. It seems that they have the final say in guiding and unifying the Palestinian people in absolute terms. When Al-Qassam is waging the battle, it sees that the Palestinian people are lined up behind it, with certain hope, and this did not come out of nowhere or absurdly at all because they choose actions accordingly not words.

It is strange and surprising what happened yesterday regarding the military movement of the Al-Qassam Brigades, whether on the military level or the strategic level, how to control and speed; Testing goals and controlling them in a precise, thoughtful, and controlled manner that does not raise any doubts. They are an organized and highly trained army with great combat and military experience.

To understand a little how this surprise happened, well, we have to understand the Qassam’s modus operandi. The brigades have been operating in an organized and timely manner in all their military operations, and accordingly, they rely on their strategy. On the other hand, its movements are secret, and military plans are drawn up by military leaders only, and leaders are people surrounded by very careful and secretive movements.

What do you know about the surprise of every action and reaction? What the Qassam Brigades did was a historic and cruel blow to the Israeli government and the Israeli people, as this created a huge rift and a lack of confidence in the Israeli people in their government and army, and therefore this result requires huge work to restore confidence in the Israeli government and army, and here it is. The bottom line is the Israeli reaction.

The prestige of Israel as a state and an army was broken, from occupying military bases, controlling five Israeli settlements, and entering a depth of 40 square kilometers. And the resulting deaths, injuries, hostages and prisoners.

Here we stand at the consequences and consequences of the comprehensive attack by the Qassam Brigades on the Israeli interior and evaluate the major event and the greater consequences that will result on the Palestinian interior and the encirclement countries. The scenario will be difficult and harsh. An unprecedented comprehensive change in the region.

This change, which has been delayed since 1967, is unprecedented. In other words, if the Al-Qassam Brigades and the entire Palestinian resistance do not maintain the gains achieved during the October 7 War and over the previous two days.

There is a brutal attack on Gaza that may lead to military intervention deep inside Gaza. However, if you preserve what you have gained and remain steadfast, you will begin a negotiation process over what has been controlled, and not over what came before, and the military operation will be an undoubted success. The theory restores the balance of power between the two parties.

 As for the encirclement countries, there is most likely an Israeli military move, which may amount to a ground intervention in Lebanon and Syria, given that Israel declared a state of war and called up reserve forces in large numbers. Accordingly, there is legitimacy and gains for the enemy army, at least before its people, and to maintain its security presence.

In addition urgent American aid to Israel with offensive military equipment worth four billion dollars as a first payment to carry out larger and deeper responses from a small faction in a small area like Gaza. Accordingly, America is preparing world public opinion that Israel is a country exposed to terrorist attacks that requires protecting itself from those attacks and providing international cover for what it will do later.

The possibilities are open at all levels, but what is certain is that a war in the region is coming, and Israel will implement an escape plan forward, this is what was discussed in the meeting of Netanyahu’s advisors and officials in the American administration during the past hours. Namely, the necessity of invading several areas in Lebanon and Syria, in addition to air strikes by the Revolutionary Guard inside Iranian territory and transferring the battle abroad to restore confidence in the Israeli government and army. It seems that the compass is moving to those areas at the time of writing this article.

As for the Palestinian situation, there is a harsh military operation against the Palestinian people and Gaza in particular. Yesterday, the American administration provided full military aid to Egypt and allowed the Egyptians to open all crossings between Palestine and Egypt in preparation for the upcoming results, which is filling the Al-Arish area with displaced Palestinians and building new camps under the pretext of providing security and medical aid, and then implementing the plan for parts of Sinai for the Palestinians in what was known as the deal of Century thumb plan.

What is coming is dark, but the region two days ago is not the same as it was after those days, and there is a real change on the ground, if the event that happened in Gaza was big, then the war that will happen is even bigger, and this brings us back to the war in Afghanistan and the events of September 11, and here there was a big event and the war was bigger. And the consequences changed the world.

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