Gaza like Vietnam

Gaza like Vietnam

Palestinian resistance and changing the rules of the game.

By, Bissan Edwan

The Palestinian resistance may have lost the battle, but it won the war and changed the rules of the game in the Middle East, and the internal policies of both Biden and Netanyahu as well, just as happened in Vietnam more than sixty years ago. Since the morning of October 7, everything has changed. The Palestinian resistance opened the doors of the Great Gaza Prison. They broke all the restrictions, demolished the walls, and fled towards freedom. That freedom, which for Palestinians means resistance until the liberation of complete Palestine, means that the Palestinians become the difficult number in any Middle Eastern equation. They are neither prisoners nor spectators. They are free and fierce fighters who will not stand idly by.

Accordingly, the Palestinian resistance launched a surprise attack on the positions of the Israeli occupation state around the Gaza Strip. The resistance took control of Israeli military sites and was able to capture hundreds of Israeli soldiers, and to this day it still controls the areas it regained from the occupied territories, expanding the scope of confrontations with the enemy within its borders, and creating multiple arenas of confrontation in the West Bank and northern Israel on the Lebanese border. It inflicted great economic and military losses despite the fierce attack on the Gaza Strip and the genocidal policies it pursued against defenceless Palestinian civilians.

The Israeli occupation state will try to restore its prestige first, and secondly eliminate the Hamas and Jihad movements, or at least limit their military combat forces. Therefore, it is very likely that it will storm the Gaza Strip, to liquidate the cadres of Hamas and Jihad and their popular bases, as Netanyahu and the pillars of his extremist racist government say.

The United States hastened to send the Ford aircraft carrier with its accompanying warships and nuclear submarines, in anticipation of the spread of the war, Therefore, who would have thought that Israel, which offered to help Arab regimes to protect it militarily, would request American assistance in confronting a movement, not an army, and only after 24 hours of confrontation?

This development, if it happens, is likely to happen, because all evidence points to it, first, such as the Israeli Knesset granting Netanyahu the authority to declare war on the Gaza Strip. Secondly, the American announcement of the establishment of an air bridge to supply the Israeli occupation state with all the ammunition and weapons it needs. Third, Biden’s statement that America will never leave Israel alone. Fourth, moving an American aircraft carrier to the eastern Mediterranean. Fifth, evacuate Israeli settlements. Sixth, Biden and his administration staff’s contacts with officials in Arab countries are influential in the Arab and Palestinian scene.

This development will lead to or result in, other, more dangerous developments, due to the expansion of bloody confrontations. The Israeli incursion will have a heavy price paid by the Israeli occupying state, not in the losses that its forces will inevitably suffer, whether human or its criminal war machine, which was manufactured by the finest, most accurate, and most lethal factories of the American military-industrial complex.

The war may expand to include Lebanon and Syria, in addition to specific military operations, such as assassinations that will affect Prince Kane and Zionists all over the world, like what happened in the sixties and seventies of the last century. Netanyahu will also try to get out of his internal dilemma by escaping forward and attacking Iran. His destruction of the Gaza Strip as a response to his loss in the war may lead to his being held accountable internationally.

That war demonstrated the illusion and failure of American diplomacy, which declared many times that calm in the Middle East had reached reassuring stages, but those illusions put everyone in a dilemma, and by everyone I mean the Western countries and America, just as it implicated the European continent in the Ukraine war to redraw the old map again, Unconditional American support for Israel will be read as support for Israel’s continued oppression, ethnic cleansing, and massacres against the Palestinians.

Napoleon says, “If you want something good, do it yourself,” and thus the Palestinian resistance is determined to continue the path of liberation. Liberating all of Palestine, stopping racist occupation policies, stopping settlement and land confiscation, that is, stopping all forms of apartheid committed against the Palestinian people.

All of this may not be achieved in this battle, as the matter requires a long-term policy in confronting the last stronghold of settler-colonial colonialism in modern history, but Hamas won the new war and declared itself the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people. At a time when any legitimacy was dropped from the government of Mahmoud Abbas and his men in the Palestinian Authority. That is, it threw the settlement agreements into the dustbin of history.

Hamas and the Palestinian resistance have also gained credibility and public support in both the Arab and Islamic worlds and the Palestinian diaspora. Thus, it highlighted the inability of the Arab governments, especially Egypt, Jordan, and other normalizers and collaborators with the Israeli occupation, to withdraw any cover or legitimacy or justifications they give for tyrannizing their people, oppressing them, starving them, and impoverishing them. It also gave hope to the people who were against normalization and stopping the normalization train and the Abraham Accords, not only on the political level but also on the economic and military levels, which is considered the real reason behind this.

Something has changed in the Middle East region. The events of October 7 confirmed a profound change in the culture of war and even confirmed a profound change in international relations. Just as Vietnam did and its resistance to Washington in the 1960s, the Palestinian resistance is doing so now, and the coming days are enough for us to witness that…

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